Who we are ?

We are a non-profit organisation working in the field of marine biodiversity conservation in France.

Our main mission is to carry out educational, conservation, restoration, research and outreach projects in the Mediterranean Sea, with a focus on the French Riviera.

Our members are scuba-divers, marine biologists and sea lovers – the kind of people that find their happy place underwater.


Monitoring the health of the marine environment through citizen science

Our volunteer divers use their skills in order to evaluate fish populations and ecosystem health in our local dive sites.

Contributing to naturalistic knowledge

Especially on under-studied ecosystems that require protection (such as coralligenous habitats or the mesophotic zone)

Educating citizens about environmental conservation

Particularly focusing on younger generations: we are currently accompanying three schools (in Theoule, Nice and Cannes) in a year-round educational project called Educational Marine Areas. In Cannes, we have reached generation number 5!

Preserving and restoring coastal marine ecosystems

Such as seagrass meadows and coralligenous Mediterranean habitats. Three projects are ongoing in this theme: ghost fishing net removal, Posidonia restoration and research on coralligenous habitats.

What we wish to leave behind

We hope not only to inspire through our actions and imagery, but also to obtain concrete results in our restoration projects.

Our projects should lead to richer Posidonia meadows, cleaner waters, less ghost nets, more carefully preserved coralligenous seascapes and healthier fish populations.

We also aim to educate and inspire the next generation of ocean ambassadors, as well as to conserve our precious Mediterranean Sea for current and future generations.